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Add capacity without adding employees and focus your time on strategy and business growth. Turn rebalancing and portfolio management into an easy value-add rather than a costly time guzzler. tRx automation provides procedural consistency faster and more effectively.

tRX is loaded with tax efficiencies, accuracy, quality control measures, and customizable features to match your firm’s intricacies and your clients’ varied needs. Additionally, automation streamlines compliance and simplifies SEC audits.

Above all, increase your profitability by increasing your clients’ wealth

Position your clients to make more money by increasing gross and net returns. Reduce taxes permanently through tRx's location optimization and short-term gain avoidance. Cut your clients' tax bills instantly with tax loss harvesting and tRx's exclusive capital gain distribution avoidance function. 

And, demonstrate the tax savings to clients with custom benefit reports.

All the features you need in one place

Features that make a difference.

Compare your options. No other software gives you such robust rebalancing tools – and that allows you to monitor portfolios every day.

TRX Screen shots Edge Analysis Expert
  • Analysis Expert: Instantly analyze and view results, allowing you to identify which clients require action – at a glance.
  • Rebalancing: tRx calculates trades at the push of a button, considering your parameters, maximizing tax savings, minimizing transaction costs and avoiding redemption fees. And, tRx is the only software that allows you to compare and choose trades with or without location optimization, based on costs vs. tax savings.
  • Cash Management: tRx automatically considers cash requirements at the model, account and client levels. You can effortlessly handle cash set-asides, dollar cost averaging and Required Minimum Distributions.
  • Tax Loss Harvesting: With tRx, you can harvest tax losses opportunistically, creating ongoing tax savings and avoiding the crunch at year end. In fact, you can produce these trades in less than 5 minutes across your entire client base.
  • Best Tax Efficiency: No other software gives you the all of tRx’s powerful tax savings functionalities. In addition to tax-optimized trading and tax loss harvesting, tRx offers capital gain distribution avoidance and other exclusive, seamless tools.
  • Multiple Custodians and Outside AccountstRx automatically formats trades to multiple custodians and easily incorporates 401(k)s. Now, you can provide even broader management services to your clients while increasing your AUM without increasing complexity.
  • Customizable LogictRx is pre-programmed with parameters used by top advisory firms while still giving you the freedom to input your own preferences.
  • Reviews: Set the number of review levels, specify functions allowed or not allowed to each employee, and define the review process for calculating, accepting, processing and submitting trades.
  • Savings Reports: Quantify the tax savings you generate for your clients with client-friendly benefit reports.
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"We went from software installation to fully functioning in a week and a half. tRx has relieved the time that our firm spent reviewing asset allocations client-by-client once a quarter to quickly glancing at a one page report which shows the drift of all of our clients' portfolios every day."

Ryan Callan, Callan Capital