For those who want to simplify the juggle and take care of their clients

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Here comes TRX, Total Rebalance Expert. For those who want to simplify the juggle of portfolio management and for those who believe in modern portfolio theory, TRX helps you with asset allocation, portfolio management, tax strategy capitalization, and helps you take care of your clients.

TRX gives you the tools to identify rebalancing needs, recommend personalized trades, implement tax saving strategies, and handle cash management flawlessly. TRX also helps you manage complex households effortlessly with multiple custodians and with outside accounts....

All in a minute’s work

Review all your clients’ portfolios at a glance, easily customize strategy and settings globally or by individual client, and communicate tax savings to clients with summarized benefits report

So forget about your spreadsheet and Rebalance Now!


What others are saying about tRx

"tRx improves our firm’s capacity and benefits all our clients. I’m so excited about tRx—I think you have a duty to bring this program to other advisors!"

Sandra M. Cleveland, Berk Cleveland Rathmell Wealth Strategies, LLC