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Discover tPx (Total Portfolio Expert) - a toolset in the cloud for portfolio accounting, reporting, billing and compliance. tPx is easily customized and seamlessly integrates with top industry software like tRx!  No toolbox is complete without tPortal to securely exchange files and documents with your clients. 

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Time is money. TRX Office gives you efficient back office expertise, saving you money, time and desk space. Backed by CPA/RIA industry leaders, you can count on us for downloads, reconciliation, portfolio management and rebalancing. Delegate some or all - it adds up to more time for you.

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You want results. You want efficiency. You want tRx (Total Rebalance Expert). Get up and running immediately. Keep tabs on your clients every day – in minutes. Analysis Expert gives you everything you need on one screen. It's that easy.

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A special message from Bill Winterberg

What others are saying about TRX

"Total Rebalance Expert, our solution for portfolio rebalancing, has what we need to lower costs for our clients and enable tax efficiencies, both of which contribute to total client returns without adding incremental risk."

Dave O'Brien, O'Brien Financial Planning
Who's behind TRX

We are no ordinary team. We are a group of dedicated, experienced professionals led by one of the most recognized CPA/RIAs in the industry. We are more than just a rebalancing software company. We are Team TRX.

TRX Happenings
Total Rebalance Expert (TRX) Recognized with "Best in Show" Award at Orion Advisor Services' Fuse Conference

Total Rebalance Expert (TRX) and Orion Advisor Services, LLC (“Orion”) announced today that TRX was recognized with the Fuse Conference’s most prestigious award of “Best in Show” for the development of TRX Capital Gains Distribution Minimizer (the “CGD Minimizer”).