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Advisor Tech 2013:
"Driving Practice Growth Through Innovation", including a chapter on using software to handle portfolio management - A TRX case study
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Davis Janowski, Technology Reporter for Investment News:

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Risk-Free Alpha of Over 100 Bps per Year:
Do you think your clients would notice excess return of over 1 percent per year? What if you could produce this return without added risk and without a bunch of work? Well, it’s possible.
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Outsource, Yet Remain in Control:

How Advisors Can Improve Profitability and Enhance Client Service By Outsourcing Key Aspects of Portfolio Management

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Measuring the Return on Technology Investment: Total Rebalance Expert:

Investment advisors need technology to grow and better manage their practices. However, many advisors are reluctant to take on new technology due to the cost and time involved as well as the uncertainty of future benefits. Even if an advisor is willing to consider new technology, the quantity of tools and solutions offered can cause decision-making to be difficult and, seemingly, not worth the effort.
For the majority of investment advisors, rebalancing is the most time-consuming and error-prone part of the business. It is repetitive and requires consideration of multiple variables at once. When time is precious, why haven’t advisors jumped to automate rebalancing? The answer may be simple: cost and complexity.
Total Rebalance Expert® has sought to solve the rebalancing dilemma for advisors. Total Rebalance Expert is the most tax efficient and easy to use auto-rebalancing software, designed by an industry leading CPA advisor for advisors to simplify portfolio management. This White Paper attempts to quantify and illustrate the benefits, relative to cost, of utilizing Total Rebalance Expert.

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Orion Advisor Services, LLC and Total Rebalance Expert (TRX) Form Joint Venture; Announce Technology Integration:

Combination of tax-efficient rebalancing technology with leading portfolio management and reporting system will create an independent "Total Technology Platform" for advisors to streamline portfolio management.

Download: File pdf Orion Advisor Services, LLC and Total Rebalance Expert (TRX) Form Joint Venture; Announce Technology Integration

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